Strictly Come Dancing – Week 7


Picture: BBC

This week Judy Murray’s most devoted cheerleader, BBC Radio 5’s George Riley, took issue with me on Twitter when I asked him why he was urging people to vote for someone who herself admits she is the “worst dancer” on Strictly.


George (a broadcaster I admire and follow on Twitter) seemed to take my perfectly innocent query rather personally.


Thing is George, it’s not just me. Take a look at the #scd hashtag, eh?


It was a week when most of the contestants wheeled out their children in order to – what? Show they’re just like you and me? Underline how lovable they are?  Prove they aren’t hedgehogs? We weren’t told.  Judy persuaded Andy to appear and insisted that he dance at least one step with her. Unable to refuse, the result was like watching two ironing boards being propped together. Pixie Lott won the relatives competition by producing her lovely grandfather, who was a total knock-out.  Children are so  last season. Everyone pretended that Blackpool was somewhere worth visiting.

Special mention must be made of Alison’s Charleston which was a joyous riot of swivel, rhythm, slapstick and razzamatazz and for which her bra deserved a 10.   It did her no good though. Once more Judy clomped into the next round and Alison found herself having to dance again.  Is the whole of Scotland voting for Judy?

In the results show, we were treated to the now obligatory appearance of Katherine Jenkins, this year gamely warbling We’ll Gather Lilacs.  Is she on some kind of Strictly retainer?  Alison and Caroline were in the bottom two. The judges, not being total loons, acknowledged that Caroline is the better dancer and so Alison went home. Judy remaining in the competition is now boring. Come on Scotland. Do the decent thing.


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