I’m a celebrity – bring it on


This year’s series of I’m A Celebrity is shaping up to be an absolute corker.

There are the usual bunch of beautiful women who, depressingly for anyone with a feminist bone in their body, have been booked because the producers, not to mention the male viewers, hope they’ll do a Mylene Klass.  Given Ms Klass’s stunning beauty, this is unlikely, although  Melanie Sykes may give her a run for her money. Take my advice gals and don’t bother.

Michael Buerk will be hoping to emulate the jungle success of Jenni Bond.  Lucky, lucky Michael will have Jimmy Bullard, a former Wigan footballer, as one of his camp mates.  Football, schmootball. But wait! It seems there’s more to Jimmy than the ability to kick a ball! According to the blurb on the ITV site, Jimmy is just as well known (you sure about that, ITV?) for his slapstick humour as he is for his fancy footwork. He once ran up a £5000 bill on his manager’s hotel room! (Hilarious!) He took ralgexing, a dressing room prank involving the application of muscle-rub cream [it says here] to an eye-watering new level!  (Whoo-hoo! Stop it! I’m crying here!) Jimmy said: “People call me the joker but that is just how I am. I like to play up in front of people. I am not going to sit there and mope around.” Yes folks, Jimmy is a HOOT.

Craig Charles will surely be a huge hit with viewers, as he’s got a considerable Corrie following. He also gave a pretty normal interview to ITV.  Asked by a breathless copywriter: “Will there be a more emotional and serious character lurking under the cheeky chappy’s humour?” He replied “Oh gosh no. It’s a TV show! It’s a game!”

Just a side note, but – cheeky chappy? Seriously? That descriptor went out the last time Seaside Special was on telly.

Gemma Collins, a woman on TOWIE, sounds well up for all the jungle challenges.  “Every time I think about going in the jungle, I get very, very nervous. I get stomach cramps, I feel sick. Even talking about it scares me.” Yeah, good luck with chewing on a wallaby’s nipple and washing it down with puréed crocodile toenails, Gem.

As for Tinchy Stryder – he recently collaborated with the Chuckle Brothers on a charity single. I merely present you with this fact, without comment.

I. Can’t. Wait.





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