I’m A Celebrity – Day Six


Tonight was disturbing for many reasons, the main one being Edwina Currie saying “deffo”. Eds thinks she is down wit de kidz. Jimmy described Kendra’s body odour as being rather “whiff burger”.  I’m trying not to think about that.

Anyway, the Whiff Burger had to do another trial and unsurprisingly, she wasn’t happy about it. “Maaaan, yam DRAINED.”  She had to put her hand into several dark containers and pull out a star.  “Caynt do it,” she wailed. “Is it the fear of putting your hand into the unknown?” enquired Ant. The thought that Kendra must have put her hand into the unknown on a daily basis in the Playboy Mansion went unsaid. “I suck at this,” she admitted.  The fact that she’d had no problem shoving unspeakable things into her mouth in the first trial also went unsaid. Still, play to your strengths, eh?

Jake spent the day letching over Nadia, or as he called it, flirting. Nadia remained unmoved by his sweaty attentions. He may resort to serenading her, and the viewing public has already voted him off a singing competition because they didn’t want to hear him anymore.  Stay strong, Nadia.  For all our sakes.

Kendra was back on familiar ground when she was allowed join the CIA group and enjoy a group jacuzzi session. Jake gave her a neck massage. “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh my GAD. Feels so good. Deeper! Deeper! DEEPER!”  Edwina looked on, sourly.

Mel Sykes is up for the next trial, “Hell’s Kitchen”. Is it too much to hope for that it involves Gordon Ramsay?







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