Strictly Come Dancing, Week 9 (results)


A short update, for two reasons: same sex dancing and Barry Manilow’s face. The former seemed nothing more than a normal part of the show, which is absolutely as it should be.  The latter had left Normal Town several years ago and is now firmly resident in WTF City.  Bazza struggled to hit the high notes, probably because his face is now so tightly pulled his voicebox is somewhere in his forehead.  But he gamely attempted Copacabana, one of the best party songs ever, so I am prepared to forgive his occasional squawk as he shook his bony frame whilst registering no expression on his huge, fit-ball face.

Sunetra (hospitals) was in the dance off with Steve (muscles).  Steve was voted out and gave a lovely speech about how much fun he’d had, without declaring his partner to be a combination of Princess Di and Mother Theresa, clutching Tess or blubbing.  Those left in the competition, take note.


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