I’m A Celebrity – Day 13


There have been only a handful of truly successful partnerships throughout history. Marie and Pierre Curie.  Watson and Crick.  The Chuckle Brothers.  To that illustrious list we can now add the names Currie and Wilkinson.  Remember where you heard it first, folks.

Working together with the slick professionalism and extraordinary prescience of two badgers in a sack, Kendra answered questions and Edwina crawled through a series of glass boxes which contained plastic stars and not remotely frightening jungle critters.  Every time Kendra got a question wrong, she was dunked in a stinking pool of unspecified animal guts.  Edwina did a poor job of hiding her smirks.

Michael and Vicki have sussed Kendra.  According to them, as Kendra is a reality TV star (I must confess I’d never heard of her) she knows what to give the viewers. I like Michael and Vicki, and hope they stay in and we get to know them a little better.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Bullard and his Greying Bun of Despair ponced around camp like the Artful Dodger on acid. He spotted a camera and gurned into it, as he undoubtedly does every morning in his bathroom mirror. Michael crept up behind him and whispered “BOO!”.  Jimmy nearly went to the dunny in his shorts.  More of this, please, Michael.

There was a weird trial involving clocks, arrows, paddles and electric shocks. Nadia failed. “Ya solloote dow-nut!” shrieked Jimmy, happily. “Diss is taylaa mayde for Bullard de mid-feeldar!” he crowed. Yes, victory was in the bag for Jimmy. Vicki won.

The next trial will be done by Edwina and the woolly mammoth glued to her skull.  We’re all praying it involves eggs.




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